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Everything Saint Mary| Activities, Music Sheets, Songs and more.

Updated: Aug 4

It's August 1st! I am sure you are excited as I am that it's the month of saint Mary's fast. It is my favorite fast after Holy lent. In celebration for our beloved St. Mary, I have compiled a list of everything we have that may help you celebrate her in an extra special way this year.

Ps. Keep checking this post, as I will continue to add resources to the list.

Music Sheets:

  1. Hail to Mary .

  2. Oh M.A.R.Y

Songs(Contact us for the melody):

  1. Mother of light (trans. ام النور)

  2. Oh Mary we have been told

  3. St. Mary's Apparitions

Free Printable

  1. Cut and Paste activity sheet

We the Copts Products

  1. Paint by Numbers St. Mary's Coptic icon

  2. 3D Mug St. Mary

  3. St Mary Activity printable sheets

May Her prayers and intercessions be with us all. Have a blessed fast and feast of St. Mary.

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