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The Song about Saint Mary's Apparitions

This song was written shortly after January 18th, 2011 Egyptian Revolution. Everyone was stressed with all the political changes and the suffer that our brethren were going through in Egypt. This song was presented to comfort the kids and their families.

St. Mary Apparition

Refrain: Through the hardest time

God sends us a sign

To tell us we will be fine

And the mother of light will shine.

1-It happened in 1968

With apparition oh, so great.

St. Mary appeared in Zeitoun

To comfort us for what will come soon

2-Then in St. Demiana, in Shobra

All that saw her were in aw

A halo shown in the night

To tell us everything is alright

3-After all the pain

She appeared yet again

In Assiut, doves flew

To confirm that our faith is true

4-And Warraq 2009

She wanted to tell us everything is fine

Seen by Christians and Muslims both

We know hard times were soon close

Written by: Marina Wassef Nashed

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