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  • 6 Ways to Prep for Lent with Your Family

    1- Evaluate the TV content Whether I like to admit it or not, TV is a much needed babysitter after a long and exhausting day to keep the kids busy while preparing dinner. However, I realized that I can utilize this time by letting them watch christian content shows such as Superbook, Seakids, or even christian video songs. 2- Change Food options during Lent My daughter was introduced to the idea of fasting last Advent where we eliminated chocolate candies on Wednesdays and Fridays. I will probably encourage her to fast by eating only vegan food on Friday's starting this Lent. Of course I won't forget to ask our Father of Confession for guidance to create a fasting plan that fits her age and health. 3- Start new prayer habits My 6 years old daughter has finally shown interest in praying from the Agpeya (Whohooo!). Even though I am still struggling with picking the proper passage to pray with her, I am very excited to start this new prayer habit. To make it extra special, I purchased some cute prayer rope bracelets, from Knots4prayer *** , to help us start this beautiful journey. 4- Spend quality time Having fun in the presence of God I am so grateful for all the new Orthodox makers who are creating amazing hands on activities that focus on spending quality time with God. If your kids are between the ages of 9-12, start them with The Great Lent Journey**** You and your children can walk with Christ through the seven weeks of Lent, learning from Scripture and the Church along the way. Also, you can have an fun game night playing a Time Travel Escape Room Game that engages the kids in reading the bible and learning about the stories of the Sunday's Gospel readings during Lent while searching for treasures and solving clues. We are blessed to have resources for tons of other amazing activities we can do with our kids. Another fun game night would be Coptic who, which is a fun engaging game to learn about our Saints in the Coptic Church. Quality time doesn't need to be costly or fancy just playing together while listening to some Christian songs, I think is more than enough. 5- Create a prayer corner Due to the pandemic last year, I believe most of us were encouraged to create a prayer corner especially made for Holy week and Good Friday. Why not do it at the start of lent and begin praying in it? How cool would it be to decorate this corner together with our kids by adding nice picture, a cross, candle and whatever our children can create. I believe, it is key to involve them for the kids to feel it is their corner too. One of our Coptic artists, Molly Andrawis, has painted this beautiful Veil of Veronica acrylic on Cotton Cloth that could be a beautiful addition to the prayer corner. You can reach out to her, to order one, at her Instagram account: @Mollycanvas 6- Dedicate a Reading time Not only should the kids read daily, but we should do too! Lent is the perfect opportunity to pickup a new book that can help us take a step closer to God. I have personally enjoyed reading. Putting Joy into practice by Phoebe Mikhail and The Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monk. Phoebe has also recommended these other books that would be a great read for the family during lent: - Letters for Pilgrimage: Lenten Meditations for Teen Girl - The Great Lent: Patristic Meditations on the Sunday Gospels Dear reader, what other new habits are you planning to start with your children this new season? I would love to learn about them! May we all have a blessed Lent journey and grow closer to God. ***With Great Lent and Holy Week coming up in a few months, an Orthodox Prayer Rope will come in handy! It is used as a constant reminder to ‘pray without ceasing’ as St. Paul the Apostle tells us. The traditional color of the prayer rope is black, which symbolizes mourning for one's sins, with either black or colored beads. The beads (if they are colored) are traditionally red, symbolizing the blood of Christ and the blood of the martyrs. Use promo code WTC15! IG: @knots4prayer Website: ****"Great Lent Journey" Walk through Lent with your kids using Great Lent Journey! Each family kit includes a guidebook, a map, two passports, and passport stamps to mark off the weeks. With full-color illustrations, plain English versions of the weekly Gospel readings, and lots of little bonuses, it's sure to be a hit with you and with your kids. (And don't miss the special tutorial at the very back of the book either!). Use code WETHECOPTS before April 16 to get 10% off your purchase. ***** for Coptic who game,use code NXYBSR71ZAYV for 10% off till Mar 12

  • Your Holiday guide to handmade gifts and decor made by Coptic Makers

    DemJoyous Occasions by Demiana Azmy “Winter Family Door Sign” This piece is a personalized winter-themed door sign to add a cute and warm welcome to your place, whether on your front door or inside your home! The words on the sign can be changed according to your preferences, such as “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays,” etc.  Follow DemJoyous Occasions @demjoyous_occasions on Instagram and “DemJoyous Occasions” on Facebook, and send her a message on either one to purchase! Agape Calligraphy by Miriam Fanous "Santa's Tray" Start a fun family tradition by welcoming Santa to your home with a personalized tray for his Christmas Eve snacks! Pour Santa a glass of milk, along with his favorite cookie, and a carrot for his reindeer! Also check her our beautiful ornaments and other Christmas items. Use code: WETHECOPTS when you place an order for a discount! shop here! Knots for Prayer by Marina Samaan "Custom Prayer Ropes" Custom prayer bracelets, keychains, necklaces and more using the orthodox prayer rope method which began with Saint Anthony The Great. Promo Code: WTC2020 for a special discount to We The Copts friends Shop here! Positively Coptic by Mira ***Coptic Maker from Canada*** Check out these gorgeous handwritten ornaments and head to her Etsy shop for more Coptic personalized pens and ornaments as well Whether you are looking for something for your home or a gift, feel free to contact her with any ideas. Your custom order is a click away! use this promo code: CODE10 for a special discount for We the Copts readers Shop here! PaintTheSaint by Mariam Younan "Orthodox Peg Dolls " These are wooden, hand painted, Orthodox dolls. They represent members of the Coptic Orthodox Church such as moms, dads, deacons, nuns, priests, etc. They are perfect for imaginative play and even for gifts for adults. Dolls can be personalized and purchased as a set or individually. Use code WETHECOPTS for 10% off your next purchase! Shop Here! Harvest Soap Co. By Carol Samaan "Mistletoe" and more! Handcrafted, artisan soap made with natural ingredients. Use code is JOY20 for 20% off Shop here! Coptink By Cristein Gendy "Stickers" Cling to God like a Coptink sticker this Christmas season. All the stickers are hand drawn replicas of @coptink Instagram drawings and are completely dishwasher safe, weather proof and made to last a lifetime. Bless the ones you love with a gift they can put on anything and carry around with them everywhere they go. The stickers make for a great stocking stuffer or card insert. Use the code WTC2020 during checkout for a special season only discount. Shop here! Holypals Biblical Kids Pajamas ***Another Coptic Maker from CANADA** Their purpose at Holy Pals is to make the Bible a part of every child's life at home. Have fun with story time before bed and use the pictures on the pajamas to tell the story or even have your child do it! Each pajama has a fun Biblical print and has the passage reference stitched on the sleeve. Look up the passage with your child and memorize where the story is in the Bible. Both you and your child will grow to know the Bible more and more with every wear. Use code WETHECOPTS for 10% off of entire purchase. Shop here! We the Copts by Martina Hanna And finally….Head to our website for a complete list of perfect gifts for every member of your family this holiday season. Make sure you subscribe to be up to date with our new products and site activities. For Sunday school, bulk and service inquiries, please reach out to us for discounts.

  • 6 ways to serve during Pandemic Lockdown

    First, I would like to say that by all means none of these ways was my idea! But a collaboration of ideas that I have either encountered personally by other servants or have heard about from friends and learned how it greatly impacted them. 1- Drop off food Since the worldwide lockdown started, we have all became master chefs in the kitchen. We finally have the time to try challenging new meals, bake and decorate our favorite desserts. Why not share our best creation with neighbors, collegues, friends and those whom we serve at church? My family received some brownies and delicious BBQ ribs on Easter Day from our dear neighbors. I must say even though I was stuck at home away from my family and friends, Easter was much more joyful and had a different sweet meaning this year. 2- Call/Text It’s the easiest and safest way to keep in touch with others. I’m sure it's almost everyone's means of communication in nowadays. But I must tell of how many friends that I haven’t spoken to in years, have gotten back in touch with me. It is wonderful to reconnect with old friends. However, let's not forget to check on other people who we DON'T usually speak to but see regularly in church or work. There maybe someone who needs this phone check up more than you'll ever know. 3- Door visitation I have heard about it through social media during the Lent season where some Coptic Orthodox churches dropped, Holy water, holy bread and a letter to each family of their congregation. Something simple yet very sweet and much needed in such scary times. My family was blessed to experience this first hand when my daughter’s Sunday school teacher stopped by our house on Easter Day to wish her a happy Easter and give her a gift. All was done while maintaining 6 ft social distancing! My daughter was overjoyed and we truly felt like we were visited and blessed by God that day. We were soon encouraged to do the same! 4- Virtual projects Every day there is a new trend and/or an app out there that teens and younger ones love to use nowadays . Why not learn how to use their favorite app and get them to participate in making a virtual project? For example, create a music video or split a drawing that can come together as a single picture. There are so many ideas out there to collaborate all talents in one virtual project. 5- Give them something to do We feel best when we’ve acomplished a task or utilized our free time doing something useful. During one of those door visitations, one of the servants dropped hands on activities along with a small meditation to encourage those who were visited to stay busy and occupied during these long hours at home. He simply gave them a small rope and asked them to follow instructions to make a handy tool. 6- Create contests! Whether it’s Hymns competition, Bible study or, verse memorization, take advantage of the weekly zoom meetings to encourage your group to utilize their free time into learning something new! Thanks to Amazon and other delivery means, you can easily ship the winners’ gifts from the comfort of your home. What other ways do you suggest to serve your community and church? Please comment below.

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  • Orthodox Christianity| We the Copts

    Who said Orthodoxy Can't be fun? Christian gifts, crafts, music, and fun for everyone! We strive to present the perfect gifts, and tools to help you enjoy growing in the Orthodox Christian faith. ​ ​ ​ Shop Quick View Coins of the Bible Price From $19.95 Quick View Church socks “Taleeg” Price $15.99 Quick View Coptic cross cufflinks Price $29.95 New Item Quick View Coptic cross lapel pin Price $14.95 Quick View Coins of the Bible Price From $19.95 Quick View Church socks “Taleeg” Price $15.99 Quick View Coptic cross cufflinks Price $29.95 New Item Quick View Coptic cross lapel pin Price $14.95 Shop Now Blog My Story It all began in 2015 When I became a mother, a creative impulse took over me to create items for my baby girl (from headbands to fabric shoes). Three months after her birth, I made her first quiet book! ​ Another contribution was my service in church. I served in sunday school in my Coptic Orthodox church for many years. I served in several classes from 1st to 12th grade. I realized how kids grew distant from God and church as they got older. With my love to craft and my zeal for my daughter's spiritual growth and my sunday school children, I started making things that can bridge the gap between the little ones and the church. The first thing I ever made was the 7 Sacraments Quiet book and from there I started my journey... Mar 5 3 min 6 Ways to Prep for Lent with Your Family 1- Evaluate the TV content Whether I like to admit it or not, TV is a much needed babysitter after a long and exhausting day to keep the... Nov 10, 2020 3 min Your Holiday guide to handmade gifts and decor made by Coptic Makers DemJoyous Occasions by Demiana Azmy “Winter Family Door Sign” This piece is a personalized winter-themed door sign to add a cute and warm... May 15, 2020 2 min 6 ways to serve during Pandemic Lockdown First, I would like to say that by all means none of these ways was my idea! But a collaboration of ideas that I have either encountered... Service related Inquiries and discounts? sends us a note! Send Your details were sent successfully!

  • Music Sheets | We the Copts

    Music Sheets New! Asomen Hail To Mary I Place My Soul into your Hand s سلمت نفسى بين يديك Our Lord Re7la Gamila waya yasou3 رحلة جميلة ويا يسوع Very Early Sunday Morning When I feel Tired

  • Books | We the Copts

    Books we Just Love Putting Joy into Practice: Seven Ways to Lift Your Spirit from the Early Church is an invitation to a life of joy. Phoebe Farag Mikhail explains what joy is and how to experience it through seven spiritual practices that cultivate our inner lives and connect us to our communities. These seven practices, which include giving thanks, hospitality, praise, and more, take us on a journey that leads to joy through the giving and receiving of sacrificial love. She describes her own experiences and struggles with joy and offers practical ways to implement these practices to increase joy in our own lives and in the lives of all those around us. Order Now About Phoebe ***Note: This Book is sold through NOT through WE THE COPTS is about to discover a secret that will change his life forever!He always knew he was different, but he could never imagine what his grandmother was about to reveal.Philo has Super Powers, and not just any powers, Philo has Holy Powers provided by the Holy Spirit!Powers that can make him overcome every day challenges, like the neighborhood bully he encounters, conquer fears and become what every Christian is called to be: a light to the world and salt of the earth. But first, Philo must learn how to activate the SuperHolies. Join Philo on the day he makes his discovery and learn how to activate your own SuperHolies!A great resource for dealing with bullying and social interactions for children.An amazing re-imagining of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit as Super Powers, sure to please super hero fans. Philo Order Now! About Mireille ***Note: This Book is sold through NOT through WE THE COPTS

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