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Find out why "O Mary" Song is so special for Us

This Song was written and composed by the servants of St. Mark's in Jersey City, NJ years ago. We love this song because, the tune is catchy and easy to learn. Also, the kids get to learn about some of the special names of Saint Mary.

The song was written by Marina Wassef Nashed and composed by our favorite artist and singer, Marian Beshara.

The Lyrics:

Oh Mary we have been Told,

That with many names you are called

You are honored mother of light,

We praise you all day and night

The unchanged flower,

who gives us power

The ever virgin,

our second heaven

O holy Theotokos,

The mother of the Logos

O mother of Jesus,

Please intercede for us

PS. We are working on the uploading the melody. Meanwhile, contact us if you want a recording of the melody ASAP!

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