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What to bring to a Sunday school Classroom

1. A praying servant

A praying servant allows the presence of God in the midst of the classroom. It humbles the servant’s heart and allows him/her to acknowledge that the lesson is taught by God. From time to time we need to remind ourselves that we are just means of delivery of God's message and it's by the grace of God we are called to serve.

2. Something for their eyes

Depending on the age of the students, bring a puppet, a dressed up character, videos, pictures, or illustrations of any kind that can help deliver the message. The students will more likely to remember the lesson that has the most interactions with their senses.

3. Something for the ears

Fill your lesson with interesting stories that help you deliver the objectives of the lesson. Start or end the lesson with a spiritual song that will help your students direct their focus on God and prayer.

4. Bring God!!!

With every lesson you teach, make sure God and His word is the center of attention and that our main goal is to go to heaven. Fill your lesson with relatable Bible verses and stories. Also, end your lesson with actionable items that help the students grow one step closer to God. It's always good to go home with a new memorized Bible verse.


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