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Are You a Teacher or a Servant?

8 ways to asses yourself to see if you're a servant or just a teacher. Whether you serve in Sunday school or you have another teaching role in church, it's good to evaluate yourself from time to time to see if you are truly a servant of God or just a "teacher." Remember, those whom we serve, can see through us clearly.

1. Are you a servant or a Teacher? Do you just read the lesson and recite it to the class or do you actually try to benefit from it yourself. Are your students attentive to the lesson and actually benefit from it spiritually and practically? Do you call, visit, and ask about your children regularly? Do you have a strong relationship with your students that you can pull them closer to God? St. Paul says "My little children, for whom I labor in birth again until Christ is formed in you," (Galatians 4:19) Are you confident that your kids will say that you tirelessly labor for them?

2. Are you a Spiritual Servant? When someone approaches you for help, do you only give them practical solutions or also guide them to pray and ask God for help? Do your students see you pray liturgy and attend other services or do they only see you during the fun activities such as choir, theatre and field trips?

3. Are you funny or a Joker? When you joke around with your children in class, do you keep the respect and boundaries of the church. Do your children respect you and see you an image of Christ even though you're hilarious and they can't stay in their chairs from laughter?

4. Are you a good role model? Is the way you dress, talk, and behave, inside and outside of church, represent the image of our Lord Jesus Christ? Or are you causing your children to stumble? St. Paul says, "Therefore, if food makes my brother stumble, I will never again eat meat, lest I make my brother stumble. (1 Corinthians 8:13)

5. Are you committed? Do you make every effort to attend the service every time and actively participate or do you only show up when it's your turn to teach? Are you on time?

6. Are you connected with your children or just a guest in class? How close are you to your children outside of Sunday school classroom? Are you there for them during their tough times? Are you serving them outside the church?

7. Are you humble or proud? Beware that the children notice everything about their servants. They notice how you dress, act and behave. Do you talk about yourself a lot? Do you brag about your accomplishments? Take our Lord Jesus Christ as our role model. He is the outmost humble servant.

8. Are you a loving Servant? Do you truly love your kids? Are you fair to all the children and show no partiality due to their social status, behavior, or popularity? The children know when their servants love them and know when the servants have favorites.

This Post is inspired and translated by a chapter in the book: موسوعة الخادم القبطى. الجزء الحادى عشر

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