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The Exodus Song

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

First time I taught this song was for St. Mark's Angels choir during one of the past summers. The theme was the life of Moses. The kids enjoyed singing it because we used hand gestures as we sang this song. I found it once online and unfortunately I can't find it anymore. Here is how it goes:

1-God led the Children of Israel by Moses' mighty hand. He parted the sea before them, and then they walked on dry land

Refrain: Oh how marvelous is the power of God as he lead us on our way, pillar of a fire we see in the night and an enormous cloud by day

2- The people started to murmur they wanted some food to eat. God sent them bread called manna and quail came down near their feet

3- The people became thirsty they grumbled again to him, God told him to strike the rock and fresh water poured out for them.

Here is the original source:

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