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You Must Know this Song if You Have Ever Been to Saint Shenouda's Monastery!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Yup! you guessed it right! It's the famous song Rashi Ensaw Newen. This beautiful song was written by our beloved Fr. Shenouda Maher of St. Shenouda's Monastery in Rochester, NY.

Here is why your kids will love it

  1. The music is upbeat

  2. The song is written in Old Bohairic dialect so it is catchy to the ears.

  3. The words are easy to learn and memorize (you feel like you are actually speaking in your native language.

  4. It's not a church hymn. So both boys and girls will be intrigued to learn a new song in the Coptic language!

  5. You can easily arrange this song however you want and have fun with it such as adding hand movements and more. The sky is your limit.

For me, I learned it from my brother before I have ever been to the monastery. I instantly fell in love with it. Our Saint Mark's Angels Choir, grades 3rd-5th, sang it during one of our church's annual talent shows.

The kids memorized it in a heartbeat and loved singing it with hand gestures to help the audience understand what the coptic words meant. After the performance, the children kept asking to sing this song for upcoming performances over and over again.


(1) Rashi khen epchois ensow niwan; Bibnawma fsaji khan ehten x2

(Rejoice in the Lord always, thus the Spirit says in our Hearts) Ka balin dijo emmos nodan; Je rashi en sow niwan (and again I say to you, rejoice always).


(Rashi Ensow Niwan) x4

Rejoice always Rashi khen epchois ensaw niwan Rejoice in the Lord always

Rashi talal onof emmodan x2 Rejoice, be glad, exalt - all of you

Rashi talal ensow niwan rejoice, be glad always

(2) Won niwan khen mai niwan; khen hob niwan ensaw niwan x2 Everyone in every place, in everything, at all times

Bibnawma efjos nodan ;Je rashi ensaw niwan x2 the Spirit says to you, Rejoice always


(3) Pchois e naman ensaw niwan; khen hob niwan afdidodan x2 The Lord is always with us; in all things He helps us

Atwa bye dijo emmos nodan; Je rashi ensaw niwan because of this I say to you, Rejoice always


Our trip back in 2013

(4) Akmanaridan ebnudi/ aksoddan ebnudi x2

You have loved us, o God, You have redeemed us. Entok akdi nan; embek rashi ensaw niwan x2 O God, You gave us Your Joy at all times

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