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6 Ways to Celebrate your Orthodox Dad This Father's Day

Updated: May 24, 2022

Youhanna Youssef and his newborn son

1- Let him sleep in

All dads or even more, ALL MEN love their SLEEP! let's give them a break that day and let them sleep in. And what is a sweeter way to wake them up with a bed in breakfast and a nice hot cup of coffee?

2- Wash his tonia and badrshil (Deacon Vestments)

Let’s be honest! How often do we wash the Deacon vestments?! If he is a deacon, surprise him with a freshly cleaned and ironed Tonia and Badrashil.

P.S. Don't forget to throw the washing water in the grass.

3- Update his Apps/Books

Not all fathers are tech savvy. Get him the latest service apps such as Copticreader, Coptic hymns, and upper room media. There are wonderful Orthodox apps out there! If he's a books person, checkout the bookstore for the newest edition service books, or a good spiritual book to read.

4- Get One of his "tasks" or "fix it" done

A quick example would be cutting the yard grass or changing the bad bulb in the bathroom. Anything that can clear his schedule a little bit will be much appreciated.

5- Take him out to his favorite restaurant

Or even better, get his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant delivered to his doorstep. We know dads prefer to sit home and relax. So Avoid the heat, the long wait, and the distraction (especially if you have young kids) and simply get his favorite meal and let him eat it at the comfort of his home.

6- Give him the TV Remote

I know I know, it’s hard but...just for this one day, give him the remote!


Have you gotten his Father’s Day gift yet? Here are some nice gift ideas from our shop:

Wishing all fathers a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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