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6 Ways to Prep for Lent with Your Family

1- Evaluate the TV content

Whether I like to admit it or not, TV is a much needed babysitter after a long and exhausting day to keep the kids busy while preparing dinner. However, I realized that I can utilize this time by letting them watch christian content shows such as Superbook, Seakids, or even christian video songs.

2- Change Food options during Lent

My daughter was introduced to the idea of fasting last Advent where we eliminated chocolate candies on Wednesdays and Fridays. I will probably encourage her to fast by eating only vegan food on Friday's starting this Lent. Of course I won't forget to ask our Father of Confession for guidance to create a fasting plan that fits her age and health.

3- Start new prayer habits

My 6 years old daughter has finally shown interest in praying from the Agpeya (Whohooo!). Even though I am still struggling with picking the proper passage to pray with her, I am very excited to start this new prayer habit. To make it extra special, I purchased some cute prayer rope bracelets, from Knots4prayer *** , to help us start this beautiful journey.

4- Spend quality time Having fun in the presence of God

I am so grateful for all the new Orthodox makers who are creating amazing hands on activities that focus on spending quality time with God. If your kids are between the ages of 9-12, start them with The Great Lent Journey**** You and your children can walk with Christ through the seven weeks of Lent, learning from Scripture and the Church along the way.

Also, you can have an fun game night playing a Time Travel Escape Room Game that engages the kids in reading the bible and learning about the stories of the Sunday's Gospel readings during Lent while searching for treasures and solving clues.

We are blessed to have resources for tons of other amazing activities we can do with our kids. Another fun game night would be Coptic who, which is a fun engaging game to learn about our Saints in the Coptic Church.

Quality time doesn't need to be costly or fancy just playing together while listening to some Christian songs, I think is more than enough.

5- Create a prayer corner

Due to the pandemic last year, I believe most of us were encouraged to create a prayer corner especially made for Holy week and Good Friday. Why not do it at the start of lent and begin praying in it? How cool would it be to decorate this corner together with our kids by adding nice picture, a cross, candle and whatever our children can create. I believe, it is key to involve them for the kids to feel it is their corner too.

One of our Coptic artists, Molly Andrawis, has painted this beautiful Veil of Veronica acrylic on Cotton Cloth that could be a beautiful addition to the prayer corner. You can reach out to her, to order one, at her Instagram account: @Mollycanvas

6- Dedicate a Reading time

Not only should the kids read daily, but we should do too! Lent is the perfect opportunity to pickup a new book that can help us take a step closer to God. I have personally enjoyed reading. Putting Joy into practice by Phoebe Mikhail and The Desert Fathers: Sayings of the Early Christian Monk. Phoebe has also recommended these other books that would be a great read for the family during lent:

- Letters for Pilgrimage: Lenten Meditations for Teen Girl

- The Great Lent: Patristic Meditations on the Sunday Gospels

Dear reader, what other new habits are you planning to start with your children this new season? I would love to learn about them! May we all have a blessed Lent journey and grow closer to God.

***With Great Lent and Holy Week coming up in a few months, an Orthodox Prayer Rope will come in handy! It is used as a constant reminder to ‘pray without ceasing’ as St. Paul the Apostle tells us. The traditional color of the prayer rope is black, which symbolizes mourning for one's sins, with either black or colored beads. The beads (if they are colored) are traditionally red, symbolizing the blood of Christ and the blood of the martyrs. Use promo code WTC15! IG: @knots4prayer Website:

****"Great Lent Journey"

Walk through Lent with your kids using Great Lent Journey! Each family kit includes a guidebook, a map, two passports, and passport stamps to mark off the weeks. With full-color illustrations, plain English versions of the weekly Gospel readings, and lots of little bonuses, it's sure to be a hit with you and with your kids. (And don't miss the special tutorial at the very back of the book either!). Use code WETHECOPTS before April 16 to get 10% off your purchase.

***** for Coptic who game,use code NXYBSR71ZAYV for 10% off till Mar 12

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