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Baptism Gift Guide (The Coptic Edition)

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Baptism gifts, especially for newborns, are usually the hardest to pick since you have already consumed all the gift ideas out there and have used all your life-long savings on gifts for the gender reveal party, baby shower (pre-baby), another baby shower aka "salat tisht" and all the parties in between for all for the same baby! It's crazy but all worth it for the very loved precious newborn. We've got to admit that we love to spoil them. So I have complied a list of gifts that I have received which I appreciated very much as a mom. I have also included the most ordered gifts asked by moms from We the Copts. Skip and scroll down to the bottom if your newly baptized one is actually an adult who is joining the Orthodox faith.

For Baby-

  1. Holy Bible- bonus if personalized

  2. Wall hanging cross

  3. Christian themed books/toys

  4. Cross or saints pendant or gold jewelry in general

  5. Personalized blanket

  6. Personalized baptism set

  7. Church outfit or fancy dress

  8. Fancy picture frame

For Baby Boys: Coptic Baptism Vestment

Baby Girls: Gold earrings

For Adults- Nothing is as exciting as congratulating an adult convert for baptizing into the Coptic Orthodox faith. So our perfect gift idea is a Welcome to the Faith kit that includes the following:

  1. Orthodox Bible

  2. Agpeya book

  3. Personalized communion Napkin and/or Head scarf with baptism date

  4. Prayer rope

  5. Pita bread

  6. Falafel mix

  7. Pepto Bismol bottle

  8. Charcoal capsules

  9. Mint gum

  10. Taco Bell Gift card

The gift basket will give them a chuckle but they will also appreciate the invaluable items in there!


Check out our Baptism corner for some unique gift ideas. Click here.

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