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In this unique game, we blend the joy of a scavenger hunt with the reverence of our Holy Lent. Our aim is to not only engage in a fun activity but also deepen our connection with the teachings found within the 7 Sunday Gospels. So, let's dive in together and explore the treasures of both the scriptures and the hunt!


Participants: Each team can include 3-5 players. You have the option to have several teams competing in the same game, with the team that finds the key first declared the winner. If you choose to have multiple teams, print a set of clues for each team. Remember to color-code the clues and assign a matching color to each team for easy identification.


Age: Appropriate for Middle and High school players


Instructors  will be given a list of cluesto hide. Players will be given a holy Bible, map, magnifying glass,  and mirror (not included). They will be handed a mission statement and the first clue. Players have to find the hidden clues and solve the puzzles in order to fine the key and win the game.


After playing this game the child WILL HAVE:

  •  Read all 7 weeks of lent gospels in addition to the feast of the Resurrection gospel.
  •  A visual memory of all the stories which will last forever.
  •  Enjoyed solving puzzles and playing a game while indirectly learning about the word of God.

Lent Scavenger Hunt-Digital Print

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