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Song: Mother of light (ترنيمة ام النور مترجمة)

If you grew up in the 90's, you definitely owned the Album the "Queen and the prince" (meaning St. Mary and St. Geroge) by Koral el Katee3 el Saghir. It had the most beautiful songs for st. Mary and an amazing operetta about st. Geroge's life.

In 2006, the servants at St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox Church in Jersey City, USA, decided to translate the song into English and here is the results:



Mother of light, you came and blessed our church, we wish that you also bless our

Hearts (2)

When you come and help us and make us strong (2) with Jesus, your son, our hears are filled with joy

1- Before you were born He choose you from the whole world (2) in the alter you have served and always praised God (2) and you asked God for peace in the world.

2- When you turned 12 years old, you were engaged and God knew (2) He did this for you from His mercy and love (2) He sent an angle and told you that you will become the Mother of God.

3- In a manger the Lord was born form the ever virgin (2) and it hurt you to hear and see, all the evil around you (2) But your faith was still strong, while your son was on the cross

4- In heaven you are the glorified, the ever-virgin (2) and you intercede for us, and pray for us all (2) That we may win the race and see you in heaven.



om el nour gety we nawarty kenestna yaret tegelna kaman fe oloubna (2)

lama beteegy we t3azeen we fe de2tna bet-awena (2) waya yasou3 ebnek we fadeena

sa3et-ha neb2a mabsouteen

1- men abl meladek na2aky men ben el 3alam khalaky (2) fel hekal tekhdemy wetsaly wetsab7y lel rab tamaly (2) we betotloby men el rab yekhaly oloubna kolaha feha salam.

2- lama ekhdar el 3oud el nashef, khatabouky wel rab kan 3aref (2) enoh 3amal koleda 3alshanek men ra7meto men kotr 7ananoh (2) ba3tlek el malak fe awanoh we al hateb2y om allah.

3- fel mezwad el rab etmaged me 3adra we batoul etgased (2) asset keteer men kotr ma shafet ta3b we herb wala youm khafet (2) 3alshan el eman (faith) kan sabet 7ata kaman wa2t el salib.

4- delwa2ty a3dah feh malakotoh tetmata3y fe magd lahotoh (2) we betotloby men el rab 3alshana, yege ye7areb yedafe3 3ana (2) we ye7a2a2 lena kol amalna we henak neshofek fel malakot

Translated by: Marina Wassef Nashed.

Edited by: Martina Hanna 2023

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