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Jesus and Gravity

How do you teach Jesus is God and above nature to 7 year olds?

I recall the lesson was about the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ. After I told them the story, I wanted to prove that our Lord Jesus Christ is truly God who created everything!

So I started by saying Jesus went up, can we go up? can we fly? we can fly by an airplane by we can't fly ourselves all the way to heaven.

The next thing I did was to bring a piece of paper, show it to them, then I just let it go. It was the most adorable amusement I have ever seen on their eyes as they watched the little piece of paper float in the air until it dropped on the floor.

"And this my dear friends is called gravity. Everything will eventually fall down on the ground but because our Lord Jesus Christ is God, He was able to defeat gravity and go all the way up to heaven"

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