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8 Spiritual Exercises You Can Do to Benefit from Lent

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Father Daoud Lamei shares with us 8 simple spiritual exercises to do to fully benefit from the Holy Lent and to grow closer to God. If you rather watch the vide, scroll to the bottom and click on the video.

  1. Pray More. Pray more liturgies if you can during the week. Pray more psalms when you pray the Agpeya.

  2. Ask about those who are forgotten; such as the needy, the sick or even the ones you are not talking to.

  3. Pick a verse daily from your Bible readings to contemplate and think about all day

  4. Give more. Our Donations and contributions should increase during Lent. Blessed are those who have mercy, who give to the poor and fast and pray.

  5. Work on obtaining a new virtue or eliminating a bad habit. Start the fast with confessing and pick a virtue with your father of confession to work on during Lent or pick a bad habit that you're trying to stop.

  6. DO Less- Talk Less, Eat Less and Sleep Less- When you talk more you sin more. When you eat to your fullest, you lose the value of fasting. Excessive sleeping takes away from suppressing your body during lent.

  7. Deny yourself. Take care of others before yourself. Wherever you go make sure those around you are comfortable and well taken care of before you.

  8. Pray Arrow prayers such as paying "Have mercy on me O Lord for I am a sinner"

Watch full video with English Subtitles:


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