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6 ways to serve during Pandemic Lockdown

Updated: May 18, 2020

First, I would like to say that by all means none of these ways was my idea! But a collaboration of ideas that I have either encountered personally by other servants or have heard about from friends and learned how it greatly impacted them.

1- Drop off food

Since the worldwide lockdown started, we have all became master chefs in the kitchen. We finally have the time to try challenging new meals, bake and decorate our favorite desserts. Why not share our best creation with neighbors, collegues, friends and those whom we serve at church?

My family received some brownies and delicious BBQ ribs on Easter Day from our dear neighbors. I must say even though I was stuck at home away from my family and friends, Easter was much more joyful and had a different sweet meaning this year.

2- Call/Text

It’s the easiest and safest way to keep in touch with others. I’m sure it's almost everyone's means of communication in nowadays. But I must tell of how many friends that I haven’t spoken to in years, have gotten back in touch with me. It is wonderful to reconnect with old friends. However, let's not forget to check on other people who we DON'T usually speak to but see regularly in church or work. There maybe someone who needs this phone check up more than you'll ever know.

3- Door visitation

I have heard about it through social media during the Lent season where some Coptic Orthodox churches dropped, Holy water, holy bread and a letter to each family of their congregation. Something simple yet very sweet and much needed in such scary times. My family was blessed to experience this first hand when my daughter’s Sunday school teacher stopped by our house on Easter Day to wish her a happy Easter and give her a gift. All was done while maintaining 6 ft social distancing! My daughter was overjoyed and we truly felt like we were visited and blessed by God that day.

We were soon encouraged to do the same!

4- Virtual projects

Every day there is a new trend and/or an app out there that teens and younger ones love to use nowadays . Why not learn how to use their favorite app and get them to participate in making a virtual project? For example, create a music video or split a drawing that can come together as a single picture. There are so many ideas out there to collaborate all talents in one virtual project.

5- Give them something to do

We feel best when we’ve acomplished a task or utilized our free time doing something useful. During one of those door visitations, one of the servants dropped hands on activities along with a small meditation to encourage those who were visited to stay busy and occupied during these long hours at home. He simply gave them a small rope and asked them to follow instructions to make a handy tool.

6- Create contests!

Whether it’s Hymns competition, Bible study or, verse memorization, take advantage of the weekly zoom meetings to encourage your group to utilize their free time into learning something new! Thanks to Amazon and other delivery means, you can easily ship the winners’ gifts from the comfort of your home.

What other ways do you suggest to serve your community and church? Please comment below.

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