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6 Suggestions before Picking your Sunday School Class Gifts

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

1- It doesn’t need to be expensive.

It really doesn’t! It’s the thought that really counts. Young children, especially, do not have a full understanding of the value of money. A $1 gift can make them happy more than a $15 gift.

2- It is Age appropriate.

Whether it is a book, a toy, or a functional gift, consider the one that matches their age, interests, and skills level.

3- Faith and Themed based.

It is hard sometimes to find orthodox themed gifts but it’s a great way to give the children valuable gifts that are related to the occasion they are celebrating. It is also a chance to tie the class lesson with a take home keepsake. Their gift will be a continuous reminder of the lesson. Keep in mind, it is very likely they will not receive these themed gifts anywhere else.

4- Functional

How many of us received gifts that we simply didn’t know where to put or how to use and just left it there collecting dust in our closets?

Functional gifts are just simply more appreciated than stationary gifts (especially by parents). A hanging cross or a beautiful icon are nice ideas. But how thoughtful if we pick something that the children will love to own and use, or in that case hang in their little rooms?

5- Just Add Candy

Sometimes, we don't have much say in picking the gifts. And it is okay! Just simply making a goodie bag with some chocolate and candy, any child will be extremely happy. I mean, who doesn't love candy?

6- Orthodox Resources.

If you like to look for orthodox themed gifts check out these awesome stores:

Do you know of other great stores? Let us know and we will update the list. May God bless your service and guide you in everything you do.

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