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Putting Joy into Practice: Seven Ways to Lift Your Spirit from the Early Church is an invitation to a life of joy. Phoebe Farag Mikhail explains what joy is and how to experience it through seven spiritual practices that cultivate our inner lives and connect us to our communities. These seven practices, which include giving thanks, hospitality, praise, and more, take us on a journey that leads to joy through the giving and receiving of sacrificial love. She describes her own experiences and struggles with joy and offers practical ways to implement these practices to increase joy in our own lives and in the lives of all those around us.

***Note: This Book is sold through NOT through WE THE COPTS


Philo is about to discover a secret that will change his life forever!He always knew he was different, but he could never imagine what his grandmother was about to reveal.Philo has Super Powers, and not just any powers, Philo has Holy Powers provided by the Holy Spirit!Powers that can make him overcome every day challenges, like the neighborhood bully he encounters, conquer fears and become what every Christian is called to be: a light to the world and salt of the earth. But first, Philo must learn how to activate the SuperHolies. Join Philo on the day he makes his discovery and learn how to activate your own SuperHolies!A great resource for dealing with bullying and social interactions for children.An amazing re-imagining of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit as Super Powers, sure to please super hero fans.

***Note: This Book is sold through NOT through WE THE COPTS

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